Punjab Police Answer Keys NTS Job Result

Punjab Police Answer Keys NTS Job Result has been declared. NTS check was conducted for the posts of Constables/Lady Constables and also the check was persisted Sunday twenty eighth January, 2018.

Candidates apply for the work in square measurea|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} police are currently watching for their associate degreeswer key result to induce an estimate of marks. geographical area Police Answer Keys NTS Job result’s on the market also as complete result for the roles in geographical area Police.

The geographical area Punjab Police  is that the law and order agency chargeable for policing, reducing also as dominant all criminal cases within the province of geographical area, Pakistan. in addition, the moto for geographical area Police is to function well on shield the individuals of geographical area.

Test was organizes for the following posts in Punjab Police

  1. Constables
  2. Lady Constables

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Punjab Police ANSWER KEY Result
(Blue)Test Held on: Sunday 28th January, 2018
Question No Correct Choice Question No Correct Choice
Q 1 B Q 51 B
Q 2 A Q 52 B
Q 3 C Q 53 C
Q 4 A Q 54 D
Q 5 B Q 55 A
Q 6 E Q 56 C
Q 7 B Q 57 C
Q 8 A Q 58 B
Q 9 D Q 59 A
Q 10 D Q 60 A
Q 11 E Q 61 E
Q 12 C Q 62 C
Q 13 C Q 63 D
Q 14 A Q 64 B
Q 15 D Q 65 C
Q 16 B Q 66 A
Q 17 D Q 67 C
Q 18 A Q 68 C
Q 19 C Q 69 C
Q 20 C Q 70 D
Q 21 B Q 71 C
Q 22 B Q 72 A
Q 23 C Q 73 A
Q 24 B Q 74 C
Q 25 C Q 75 C
Q 26 A Q 76 B
Q 27 D Q 77 A
Q 28 A Q 78 C
Q 29 A Q 79 E
Q 30 C Q 80 D
Q 31 B Q 81 B
Q 32 B Q 82 C
Q 33 D Q 83 C
Q 34 C Q 84 A
Q 35 A Q 85 C
Q 36 B Q 86 D
Q 37 D Q 87 A
Q 38 B Q 88 D
Q 39 B Q 89 E
Q 40 A Q 90 E
Q 41 B Q 91 C
Q 42 B Q 92 C
Q 43 B Q 93 D
Q 44 B Q 94 B
Q 45 B Q 95 C
Q 46 A Q 96 A
Q 47 B Q 97 E
Q 48 A Q 98 B
Q 49 C Q 99 C
Q 50 A Q 100 C

In short if you’re ineffectual to envision your geographic area Police Answer Keys NTS Job Result from this page. Then you ought to comment your post name and conjointly book let color right below and that we can revisit to you along with your Answer Keys Result for geographic area Police job details. keep connected with ntsresults.org for moreover results. Here answer keys result furthermore as different result also are updates too.

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